Wine taverns in Koblenz

Wine taverns (Straußwirtschaften) have always been especially fascinating to wine lovers. Here you can sit in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a little break from everyday life. Enjoy pure hospitality - some are in green vineyards, in romantic vineyards or in the traditional cellar.

The Straußwirtschaften tradition is over 1,000 years old. At that time, a bouquet (“Strauß”) was hung on the door to show guests that the wine grower sold his own wines on the premises. Small snacks were sold alongside the wine. Even today, a Straußwirtschaft may only sell wines they themselves have made with small snacks on the side and they can only be open for a maximum of four months in the year.

Look forward to a couple of relaxing and enjoyable hours with friends in the winemakers.


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