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Koblenz Marathon

Discover the beautiful city of Koblenz founded by the Romans more than 2000 years ago at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Moselle. The second Koblenz Marathon takes place on September 2, which includes a full marathon, half marathon, team marathon, 10 km run and 10 km walking or nordic walking.

Koblenz – from the Latin "Confluentes" which means "confluence" – is located in the heart of Germany and is the gateway to the "Romantic Rhine" (UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley). For its rocks, vineyards, castles and legends, this 70 km long section is world famous.

The Koblenz Marathon will be held in the heart of the historical city. The start and finish is in the freshly refurbished Oberwerth stadium. In the neighboring CGM Arena the marathon fair takes place the days before. On marathon day, participants can safely deposit their bags, use changing rooms, toilets and showers free of charge and take advantage of a massage service.

Participants run on a 21 km long flat lap, which the marathon runners do twice (but they can also finish after a lap and get an official half marathon rating). On the route through Koblenz city and the historic old town the runners pass many famous sights: Electoral Palace, Theater, the home of the sparkling wine makers “Deinhard”, old town squares and fountains, history column, memorial "Deutsches Eck" at the confluence of Rhine and Moselle, Basilica of St. Kastor, the residential tower "Deutscher Kaiser", the Old Castle and Moselle reservoir and lock.

The route passes the historic Balduin bridge (an arch bridge built from 1342) over the river Moselle. From here, the runners have a wonderful panoramic view of the old town with its many church towers and the Ehrenbreitstein fortress – the masterpiece of Prussia one hundred meters above the Rhine. A cable car connects the city with the fortress. All participants of the Koblenz Marathon will find a discount voucher for the cable car in their goodybag – along with many other extras.

The Koblenz Marathon offers a full service at reasonable prices: shuttle bus from the station to the start / finish location, trade fair, introductory run, net time measurement with ChampionChip, food stations available every five kilometres along marathon route, pace maker, extensive sports buffet at the finish and of course medal and certificate for all who complete the marathon. The best runners in all age groups will receive a special gift. Prize fund and time bonus for the fastest runner in marathon.

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