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Koblenz Marathon

Discover the beautiful city of Koblenz founded by the Romans more than 2000 year ago at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Moselle. The second Koblenz Marathon takes place on September 2, which includes a full marathon, half marathon, team marathon, 10 km run and 10 km walking or nordic walking.

Participants run on a 21 km long flap lap, which the marathon runners do twice. On the route through Koblenz city and the historic old town the runners pass many famous sights: Electoral Palace, Theater, the home of the sparkling wine makers "Deinhard", old town squares and fountains, history column, memorial "Deutsches Eck" at the confluence of Rhine and Moselle with the equestrian statue of emperor
Wilhelm I., Basilica of St. Kastor, the residential tower "Deutscher Kaiser", the old castle and Moselle reservoir and lock.

Online registration is possible until 15.08.2018. Subsequent applications can be submitted until 31.08.2018 and 01.09.2018 at the marathon fair in the CGM-Arena.

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