• Gruppenbild junger Frauen, die mit Glühwein anstoßen.

Koblenz Christmas Market

With the dawn begins a magical journey through the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress! For the first time the Christmas Garden takes place in Koblenz. Experience unique light designs with individually composed worlds of sound on an approximately two-kilometer long circular path through the old walls of the fortress. Millions of light points open up previously unknown perspectives on the monumental architecture of the fortress.

So that every visitor can experience the winter walk without hurry and decelerated, the number of visitors is limited. Admission is limited to 30-minute slots, which must be decided upon when booking online or booking tickets in advance.

TIP: The best way to reach the fortress and the highlight event Christmas Garden is by cable car Koblenz. Combi-tickets are available for the cable car ride and the visit to the fortress, both during the day for the cultural center and in the evening for the Christmas Garden. Tickets are available at www.christmas-garden.de.  

Event period: November 19, 2020 - January 10, 2021  
Opening hours: 17:00 - 22:00  
Cable car rides until 23 o'clock!

Also in the cultural center Festung Ehrenbreitstein:

Amidst the historical walls, the LANDESMUSEUM KOBLENZ stages exciting exhibitions on the subjects of archaeology, cultural history, photography as well as wine and enjoyment. The exhibition "Ravensburger Spielewelten - Gemeinsam Faszinierendes erleben. invites you to an interactive family excursion to memory®, tiptoi® and Co. until January 10, 2021.
Also the fortress variety show will again attract all variety fans to the fortress.

Organizer: Koenitz GmbH on behalf of the City of Koblenz in cooperation with Koblenz-Touristik GmbH

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