• Außenansicht vom Deutschherrenhaus mit idyllischem Blumenhof. Im Hintergrund ist das Reiterstandbild vom Kaiser zu sehen. Links daneben befindet sich die Ruine der Kapelle. Im Inneren befindet sich das Ludwig Museum.
  • Kunstelement
  • Gemäldesammlung im Innenbereich des Museums
  • Eine Frau betrachtet, mit dem Rücken gewandt zum Bild, ein Kunstwerk an der Wand.
  • Skulpturabbildung eines vergoldeten Pferdes auf einem Schwarzen Stein
  • Überdimensionaler Daumen der den Weg zum Ludwig Museum zeigt

A look at France

The Ludwig Museum

The relatively young Ludwig Museum that was opened in September 1992 with the “Atelier de France” exhibition focuses on contemporary art and particularly contemporary French art. The foundation of the permanent collection is primarily German and French art post 1945, which the renowned collectors Peter and Irene Ludwig collected from Aachen and have given to the museum either permanently or on loan. The Ludwig Museum has exhibition rooms over four floors and also makes use of the adjoining “Blumenhof”, which is ideal as an exhibition area for striking three-dimensional works. The portfolio of the museum includes César’s “Thumb” and the “Place of remembrance and forgetfulness” installation by Anne and Patrick Poirier, who developed this work especially for the museum.

With its focus on current French art, the Ludwig Museum closes a significant gap in the German museum landscape and performs a unique mediating function that benefits all young artists, not just those in France.

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