The fortified city of Koblenz 200 years on

Fort Konstantin, Fort Asterstein, Kaiser Franz Fortress, ‘Neuendorf Flesche’ (type of fortification) and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress all form part of the Prussian city fortification ‘Festung Koblenz und Ehrenbreitstein’. The large structure stretching across 14 kilometres is one of the largest fortification complexes built in Europe in the 19th century.  In its anniversary year of 2017 – 200 years after the first foundation stone was laid – the city of Koblenz is putting on a wide range of events and cultural activities where citizens, visitors and tourists of the city of Koblenz are invited to rediscover and explore the large fortification. The highlight of the event series is the launch event on 13 April and the closing event on 22 October 2017. There will be guided tours, talks and concerts for visitors of any age presented by the city of Koblenz in conjunction with Fortress associations.

About the large Koblenz fortress
The large Koblenz fortress, officially called the ‘Festung Koblenz und Ehrenbreitstein’, is a system of Prussian fortifications that was built between 1815 and 1834 and which served to secure the confluence of the Rhine and the Mosel, which was of great strategic significance at the time. The large Koblenz fortress consists of the Koblenz and Ehrenbreitstein city fortifications as well as their fortifications upstream in the form of fortresses, ‘Fleschen’, entrenchments and forts, some of which have partially survived whilst others have completely disappeared over the course of time due to being destroyed and later demolished (e.g. the ‘Feste Kaiser Alexander’). Lines of view between the individual buildings, which were situated on the range of hills and in the lower-lying areas around the city, helped to provide mutual security.

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